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Nine Inch Nails

The Slip

I personally woke up early to hit NIN.com and see what was happening today. Trent gave us an Album. Aaaaahhh, so of course I was all over it to download it. And it's weird how music brings back feelings. I feel like it's the first day I bought Year Zero. This mix of excitement and wonder. Then just popping it in my car stereo and driving home, listening. Just having this feeling of something... like everything was great. Every sound, every word... it set me off into a world. And a year later, I now have 60% of his CDs, 10 shirts, and numerous NIN stickers and other stuff scattered everywhere. Sigh. It'll be a year since I discovered NIN and my love is still strong. |3

Anyways. First day of classes for me today. I don't even know what to fucking bring. I just know that I get a backpack today. And that we're doing life drawings today or something. I don't know. I'm glad I live like, right around the corner. It's awesome, but it kind of sucks. Now I've got my classmates talking about how they'll be over and shit. And I'm like "Um. I like my silence and being by myself...". I do. When Ashlee was over yesterday I found myself like, confined. Everyone sleeps like crazy and I take naps. Not go to bed at 4am and wake up at 12pm. I mean I'm glad I got some reading done, but it's really constricting. When I'm in my apartment, I do whatever I feel like. Like right now, I sort of feel like Call of Duty 4. Or maybe I want to vaccuum. Or maybe I just want to sit on my ass and watch NCIS. Who knows? It's my apartment. I do what I want. But when someone's over, it's like, I can't do anything because what I adore conflicts with them. Sigh.
Well, now I'm bored. I'm going to go vaccuum.


Nine Inch Nails

May 2008

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