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Contemplating over Vitamins

I didn't think 'Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden' was going to be great, but it was! It really shocked me, some parts of it. Like, not Supersize Me shocked, but in that area where I'm like "DDD: Omg." Anyways. yesterday was fun. I hailed a taxi to take me to the theatre because it's 15 blocks away and I think it's lame to try and walk there. And it's on a street a block away from a really bad neighbourhood. But I was outside and Bianca (from Brazil) came out and I convinced her to share a taxi with me. So, we went. She got a call and then asked me if it's weird to hear her speak Portuguese and I was like "Naww..." And she told me she didn't understand how the washing machines worked in our building. So, I'm going to help her.
Hit the theatre. Azam and Ana were there and we met up, got our seats and rocked out. Some of the other Classicals were there but they didn't get seats next to us. So we all watched the movie. I giggled a lot. Then when it ended, we all stood around the theatre with some guys from Foundation and film Production and decided we'd all do something. There was 16 of us. We wanted Pizza. We were suddenly walking 7 blocks to get said pizza. And all of us crammed into this tiny Pizza Parlour, led by Eriol and his cane. The kid is a genius and amazing. He's from Charlottetown :)
Then, suddenly, we're all in this bar called Malone's. We order 3 pitchers of beer (I took water) and generally just hung out until Desiree and Azam told me they'd walk me home. It was a little awkward. Got home. Slammed into my bed. And slept like crazy.
Now I'm wondering what the hell am I going to do today?


Nine Inch Nails

May 2008

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