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Al Neri


Ashlee = Kentucky, USA
Sarwar = India
Azam = England, but lived in BC most of his life
Mikari = Osaka, Japan
Desiree = Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nyko = Mexico
Anamika = India
Me = Alberta, Canada
Shaunah = Victoria, Canada

Most of the people in my Classical Animation program come from all over. We've also got a guy from Miami, Holland, and Brazil. And yet already we've just become together as a group. Today, orientation, we spent it together. Sat all in a row. I made fun of a few policies. I kept hooting when someone said Alberta when they introduced themselves. And I told a guy in Sound Design that I'll totally be on him for sounds. After we got out and we went down to English bay, Ana took a bunch of photos of us, Sarwar kept sitting by me (I think he might have a thing for girls in Bondage Collars...) and I hauled them all up to a cafe on my street before we departed. It was fun, but I already know who I'll be all over. Mikari, Desiree, Shaunah, Ashlee, and Azam. There's people who you grow to love (Melanie back home for me) and then there's people who you immediately love (Like Erin, Lindsay, and Harshini). I'm sure I might grow to love my other classmates, but right now, I'm latched to those guys. Especially Ashlee and Azam because my only guy friend is now, who knows. I need the stability and funness of a guy. And Ashlee is like my crazy hyper friend. Sigh. It's going to be one wild year.

Right now I'm at home chatting with Ashley and trying to write a letter to my Grandma as well. It's hard to concentrate on 6 things at once.


Nine Inch Nails

May 2008

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