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May. 5th, 2008

Nine Inch Nails

The Slip

I personally woke up early to hit NIN.com and see what was happening today. Trent gave us an Album. Aaaaahhh, so of course I was all over it to download it. And it's weird how music brings back feelings. I feel like it's the first day I bought Year Zero. This mix of excitement and wonder. Then just popping it in my car stereo and driving home, listening. Just having this feeling of something... like everything was great. Every sound, every word... it set me off into a world. And a year later, I now have 60% of his CDs, 10 shirts, and numerous NIN stickers and other stuff scattered everywhere. Sigh. It'll be a year since I discovered NIN and my love is still strong. |3

Anyways. First day of classes for me today. I don't even know what to fucking bring. I just know that I get a backpack today. And that we're doing life drawings today or something. I don't know. I'm glad I live like, right around the corner. It's awesome, but it kind of sucks. Now I've got my classmates talking about how they'll be over and shit. And I'm like "Um. I like my silence and being by myself...". I do. When Ashlee was over yesterday I found myself like, confined. Everyone sleeps like crazy and I take naps. Not go to bed at 4am and wake up at 12pm. I mean I'm glad I got some reading done, but it's really constricting. When I'm in my apartment, I do whatever I feel like. Like right now, I sort of feel like Call of Duty 4. Or maybe I want to vaccuum. Or maybe I just want to sit on my ass and watch NCIS. Who knows? It's my apartment. I do what I want. But when someone's over, it's like, I can't do anything because what I adore conflicts with them. Sigh.
Well, now I'm bored. I'm going to go vaccuum.

May. 4th, 2008

Nine Inch Nails

Sssh! :O

Just a short entry. I have to be quite b/c Ashlee is sacked out on my floor. I told her the futon was free! Oi!
I think I know what I want to do today. I wanna go down to Shoppers Drugmart, buy some pink, green, yellow, and blue icing and make adorable cupcakes :3
I'm in a really girly and creative mood right now...

May. 2nd, 2008


Contemplating over Vitamins

I didn't think 'Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden' was going to be great, but it was! It really shocked me, some parts of it. Like, not Supersize Me shocked, but in that area where I'm like "DDD: Omg." Anyways. yesterday was fun. I hailed a taxi to take me to the theatre because it's 15 blocks away and I think it's lame to try and walk there. And it's on a street a block away from a really bad neighbourhood. But I was outside and Bianca (from Brazil) came out and I convinced her to share a taxi with me. So, we went. She got a call and then asked me if it's weird to hear her speak Portuguese and I was like "Naww..." And she told me she didn't understand how the washing machines worked in our building. So, I'm going to help her.
Hit the theatre. Azam and Ana were there and we met up, got our seats and rocked out. Some of the other Classicals were there but they didn't get seats next to us. So we all watched the movie. I giggled a lot. Then when it ended, we all stood around the theatre with some guys from Foundation and film Production and decided we'd all do something. There was 16 of us. We wanted Pizza. We were suddenly walking 7 blocks to get said pizza. And all of us crammed into this tiny Pizza Parlour, led by Eriol and his cane. The kid is a genius and amazing. He's from Charlottetown :)
Then, suddenly, we're all in this bar called Malone's. We order 3 pitchers of beer (I took water) and generally just hung out until Desiree and Azam told me they'd walk me home. It was a little awkward. Got home. Slammed into my bed. And slept like crazy.
Now I'm wondering what the hell am I going to do today?

Apr. 30th, 2008

Al Neri

Sammie Joes

Y'know... something really bugs me about critisism. If it's about my artowk, and how to improve it, usually I'm all up for it. I want my artwork to be great.
But when I take a quick photo of myself to show off a new collar I bought and send it to a friend, I don't want to hear an editors review on it.
I mean when a friend takes a look at a quick snap, is it acceptable to just be critical of everything? I took a picture to show off the lace of my collar. Not because my make-up is perfect (and it never is purposely. I love smeared makeup and black all over my lashes). It's not because I want you to say 'Oh hey, your hair color is faded and lame. You should buy more bottles of red and re-dye your hair'. And it's not because I want you to point out my lipstick color doesn't suit my cheekbones or whatever. But honestly, when a friend says 'You look like a Scary Dyke' and expects you to just go along.. no.
Sure, she may be angry. But, y'know, I never take photos of myself for a reason. And when I do, it's not so I can get critisized for not meeting your laws of perfection. And what's worse is that I made a comment and she thought I was a lesbian. We've known each other for years. She knows, KNOWS, that if I am to ever be with someone, it has to be a man. I'm a hotdog girl. I like hairy chests and the junk. And I'll always be that way. So why the fuck did she say that?
Just yesterday she was telling me how she hates it when people insult others to make themselves feel better.
So, what the fuck was that?

It's really knawing at me. And, out of all of this, she didn't even notice my collar. She didn't even mention it. It really doesn't make me feel like talking to her a lot anymore. If she's bitter that I found friends here, you know what, whatever. I'm not going to spend my life waiting online for her to come on everyday like some lapdog. I want a life. I'm 80% not likely to come back. Y'know. Now I'm still irritated. And I ironically drew something nice in this state. Brrrgh.

Apr. 29th, 2008

Al Neri


Ashlee = Kentucky, USA
Sarwar = India
Azam = England, but lived in BC most of his life
Mikari = Osaka, Japan
Desiree = Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nyko = Mexico
Anamika = India
Me = Alberta, Canada
Shaunah = Victoria, Canada

Most of the people in my Classical Animation program come from all over. We've also got a guy from Miami, Holland, and Brazil. And yet already we've just become together as a group. Today, orientation, we spent it together. Sat all in a row. I made fun of a few policies. I kept hooting when someone said Alberta when they introduced themselves. And I told a guy in Sound Design that I'll totally be on him for sounds. After we got out and we went down to English bay, Ana took a bunch of photos of us, Sarwar kept sitting by me (I think he might have a thing for girls in Bondage Collars...) and I hauled them all up to a cafe on my street before we departed. It was fun, but I already know who I'll be all over. Mikari, Desiree, Shaunah, Ashlee, and Azam. There's people who you grow to love (Melanie back home for me) and then there's people who you immediately love (Like Erin, Lindsay, and Harshini). I'm sure I might grow to love my other classmates, but right now, I'm latched to those guys. Especially Ashlee and Azam because my only guy friend is now, who knows. I need the stability and funness of a guy. And Ashlee is like my crazy hyper friend. Sigh. It's going to be one wild year.

Right now I'm at home chatting with Ashley and trying to write a letter to my Grandma as well. It's hard to concentrate on 6 things at once.

Apr. 28th, 2008


Cat Man Du

....wow. Just.. wow. So much has happened. One moment, I'm writing out scripts of moody lamplights and dead skies at midnight.
The next moment, Im sitting with my entire class, we're talking. I take 8 of them back to my place. We hook up Rockband. We got nuts! People who've never played were playing. We were singing. We were hanging out.
It was like a reassurance that it'll be great. My intensive year starts May 5th. From here on out, It'll be hell.


San Francisco

Augh. I'm pacing back and forth. It's 6:13am. My taxi doesn't come here until 8:00am. But I'm a little high strung. Orientation has finally come. In a few hours I'll be sitting in a theatre probably freaking out going 'Where am I? What am I supposed to do? Who's That?! Do I have to walk home in the rain?"
Augh, questions!
I still got to paint my nails and eat breakfast and calm down @__@. I don't even know what I want for Breakfast. Lucky Charms (which hurt my teeth and veins) or Nesquik (be jumpy for 1/2 of an hour!) I should have bought the box of Fruit Loops at Shoppers. At least it has aToucan on it than this evil Leprechaun which hates me. That's right!

Why do my clothes smell like work? This is weirding me out. I smell like the month I worked as a secretary. Slightly tinged with summer rain and coaldust.
It's too early.

Apr. 27th, 2008

Mafia 2

Vitamin Death

Oi. I've gone nuts. I downloaded some add-ons to The Godfather and now I'm running around shooting anyone that just looks at me bad.
It's like... nuts.
But it has re-awakened why I love the mafia so much. I keep running through new scenes in my head. Cutting together a script for when I have to do a film this year. I know I want it to be on the mafia. But if my parents are going to see, it can't be so.. violent. But then I won't enjoy it. And It's going to be shown around in festivals. Maybe I'll have to tone down my natural violent behavior. Cut in scenes of Lucky Charms Cereal doing Jigs.

I still want to make some Lucky Charms plushies.

Apr. 26th, 2008

Nine Inch Nails

Vitamin DD

"As she stared at the postcard with bright writing and happy faces, she wondered something in her head.
Why wasn't she like this fabricated family? 
She touched the faces, wondering what it was like to be one of them. Below her, the city was alive. Everywhere, people walked side by side, hands held, chattering. Around her, lights were everywhere. signaling life and vibrance. Phones rang, girls giggled, boys joked, dance music played.
The lights were everywhere, but where she sat. Where she was, the ground was cold, but not as cold as her. The lights were out and everything was black. There was no music. No laughing. No life. Just silence as the night began to start. She stared out at the world, wondering what it was like to be one of the people walking. To have a destination to go, to have people to hold her when she fell, to laugh and have memories.
But it was forbidden to her.
She looked down at the postcard again. To be like them. To look like them. To be like us.
She got up and stepped into the dark room. This was her. There was no warmth. Only silence and echoes of the night below. Another day was coming soon. But not even the sunlight of the day could break this. For being marked as a freak never held happiness in the eyes of others. It only held confusion and hate.
She shut the door.
Like every other night."

Mafia 2

Vitamin D

I had it all planned out today. I was going to walk down to the Ocean, catch the ferry over to the Maritime Museum, and walk around.
But I lost my nerve. Now I sit here in my apartment, picking out videos which I'm going to make icons for.
And I ask myself: How do people do this?

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